The Chronicle

Ever have that one moment in time where you’re like, wow – maybe I am a professional in my field? Okay, so that might seem a little silly but I’m sure we all have our moments, no matter how many years, presentations, papers, conferences, etc we have been a part of where we still feel like we are just beginning.

Okay enough of that introspective talk – Well, a coworker of mine tagged me in a news article on Facebook. All i saw was “Awww yiiiss @Anna Benbrook” on an article titled Through Care and Camaraderie, a University Tries to Keep Homeless Students on Track. I started to think how I’d be connected. Do I want to help students experiencing homelessness? Yes. Do I thing people directly connect me with that cause in their mind? No. Either way, I clicked the link.

Let me back up real fast and say that The Chronicle is [probably one of] the most respected news sources for Higher Education.

Okay so I opened the article and in the opening paragraph was my name and a quote.

It’s Day 5 of orientation for 400 freshmen at Florida State University, and Anna Benbrook, the college’s sexual-health educator, is demonstrating a dental dam. “It’s just like a little tablecloth,” she says, unfolding the blue latex rectangle and holding it to her mouth. “You put it down, and you eat.”

Yep. I said that. The young lady they interviewed, Martha Hadley, remembered me from an orientation where I spoke about sexual health. Now I’m not sure if it was for the good or the bad but, at that moment when I saw my quote – I realized I’m really a sexual health educator (and maybe comedian). I made it, blue dental dam and all.


Hi All!

Whenever I publish posts to my home page, or just ever have any thoughts that don’t need to go on the home page, I’m going to do blog posts either directing you to the home page or my thoughts (both are highly important tbh).

On that note, I’ve just published 6 new posts about my travels in Alaska. I’d link you to them here but feel like since there are so many, it’s just easier to go to OR you can click on the post card below and be taken to day 1.

Hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoyed making them. Ciao.