The Chronicle

Ever have that one moment in time where you’re like, wow – maybe I am a professional in my field? Okay, so that might seem a little silly but I’m sure we all have our moments, no matter how many years, presentations, papers, conferences, etc we have been a part of where we still feel like we are just beginning.

Okay enough of that introspective talk – Well, a coworker of mine tagged me in a news article on Facebook. All i saw was “Awww yiiiss @Anna Benbrook” on an article titled Through Care and Camaraderie, a University Tries to Keep Homeless Students on Track. I started to think how I’d be connected. Do I want to help students experiencing homelessness? Yes. Do I thing people directly connect me with that cause in their mind? No. Either way, I clicked the link.

Let me back up real fast and say that The Chronicle is [probably one of] the most respected news sources for Higher Education.

Okay so I opened the article and in the opening paragraph was my name and a quote.

It’s Day 5 of orientation for 400 freshmen at Florida State University, and Anna Benbrook, the college’s sexual-health educator, is demonstrating a dental dam. “It’s just like a little tablecloth,” she says, unfolding the blue latex rectangle and holding it to her mouth. “You put it down, and you eat.”

Yep. I said that. The young lady they interviewed, Martha Hadley, remembered me from an orientation where I spoke about sexual health. Now I’m not sure if it was for the good or the bad but, at that moment when I saw my quote – I realized I’m really a sexual health educator (and maybe comedian). I made it, blue dental dam and all.

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