Lil B the BasedGod

Anyone who knows me knows my adoration of rap music. Even those who don’t know me can get a good feel of it (my roller derby name is ‘Gucci Maim #1017’ after Gucci Mane, astoundingĀ rapper and founder of 1017 records).

Well today, Lil B aka BasedGod aka Young Based God aka Obama Based God who self proclaimed looks like Charlie Sheen, Johnny Cochran, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jesus, and Ellen Degeneres to name a few, appreciates me. Yes, me.

I’ve made it in life and can soon retire as soon as Gucci also appreciates me. That is all.


Pokemon & Marketing

Pokemon is a thing. Again.

I’m not mad about it but the 1998 Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy playing Anna is a little bitter. She will get over it though.

As with every other company – when it was piping hot, I had to make a move on my work account to promote what we do.

The first post I made was safe and easy. It had a pokemon in our massage chair, promoting it (thankfully the building it a poke stop). I actually got a student to DM us asking about it and 2 other students that came in the office to get a massage because of it. Cool!

The second post I made was a little more risque if you will, but boy was it well received. I’ve seen connections with Pokemon and STIs for years now – the whole “don’t catch ’em all” – so that’t the direction we went on IG, FB, and Twitter.


The post was instantly hotĀ and shared far and wide. Mind you our Facebook has under 500 likes. (it was well received on IG and Twitter too, but FB was the more viral of them).

To give you a better idea, here is the posts we have made in the past. See how the Pokemon compares to most (spoiler alert: It’s way more popular)


Either way, I’m super proud of how this post did. It shows you to be relevant, understand your audience, and be ahead of the curve with your timeliness.

1998 Anna is still unimpressed though.