Early birthday gift to myself? Ok, sure. Cheap plane tickets to Colorado? Ok, sure. Voucher that needs to be used from AirBnB? Ok, sure.

It started there and ended with miles on our shoes and rented SUV. If you ever considered traveling to Colorado, please do so! Read about my super condensed trip here and find out what you can do with 3 days yourself.

Lil B the BasedGod

Anyone who knows me knows my adoration of rap music. Even those who don’t know me can get a good feel of it (my roller derby name is ‘Gucci Maim #1017’ after Gucci Mane, astounding rapper and founder of 1017 records).

Well today, Lil B aka BasedGod aka Young Based God aka Obama Based God who self proclaimed looks like Charlie Sheen, Johnny Cochran, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jesus, and Ellen Degeneres to name a few, appreciates me. Yes, me.

I’ve made it in life and can soon retire as soon as Gucci also appreciates me. That is all.


Pokemon & Marketing

Pokemon is a thing. Again.

I’m not mad about it but the 1998 Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy playing Anna is a little bitter. She will get over it though.

As with every other company – when it was piping hot, I had to make a move on my work account to promote what we do.

The first post I made was safe and easy. It had a pokemon in our massage chair, promoting it (thankfully the building it a poke stop). I actually got a student to DM us asking about it and 2 other students that came in the office to get a massage because of it. Cool!

The second post I made was a little more risque if you will, but boy was it well received. I’ve seen connections with Pokemon and STIs for years now – the whole “don’t catch ’em all” – so that’t the direction we went on IG, FB, and Twitter.


The post was instantly hot and shared far and wide. Mind you our Facebook has under 500 likes. (it was well received on IG and Twitter too, but FB was the more viral of them).

To give you a better idea, here is the posts we have made in the past. See how the Pokemon compares to most (spoiler alert: It’s way more popular)


Either way, I’m super proud of how this post did. It shows you to be relevant, understand your audience, and be ahead of the curve with your timeliness.

1998 Anna is still unimpressed though.


One Condom Design Contest

Y’all. I’ve made it. If you didn’t know by now, my two passions/interests/whatever you want to refer to them as are Sexual Health and Communications. When i saw that One Condom was doing their annual design contest, I decided to finally enter. The winner gets a cash prize, a years supply of their condom, and 5k condoms to a non-profit of their choice.

You can submit up to 3 designs so I frantically decided what would be something I would be proud of but also would appeal to the masses (and judges – mainly the judges). I decided on a Netflix reference, something dedicated to consent, and naturally eggplants (hint hint that’s what the kids these days use to represent a penis).

Well, One decided that they loved the consent and eggplants and I got an e-mail yesterday announcing my championship – ok I got 2 of the 8 runner up slots but whatever.

AGAIN I WON. DID YOU READ THAT. Ekk! I’m beyond excited. I will have my designs and name be on literal thousands of condoms around the world. So right before someone is either satisfied or disappointed (put protected against STIs/pregnancy/etc), they will see something I’ve made. It’s a little weird but I would not have it any other way.


Like most people, I spend so much time in one location – my office. With that I’m a huge social media person, especially Snapchat. Not only do I use my personal account, but our Healthy Noles has a snap too. With my obsession, I decided to finally create a filter for our building since one did not exist. Of course I wanted to market our department but we are part of a bigger entity. Our building as a whole is 5 stories and houses academic classes, healthcare providers, a gym, and more.

So I made a quick filter in hopes of it getting accepted, and it did! How cool is that? Now I’m always promoting my building when I post pictures of my morning 9am (and 2pm, let’s be real) coffee to my story.


A Day in the Life Of

So last semester, I was asked to provide a story that detailed a day in the life of me as a professional. Naturally, I obliged. Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves when given an opportunity?

Well the booklet came out and was given to the N2UFP students. Don’t worry, I googled that for you. It stands for NASPA & Noles Undergrad Fellows Program.

Wanna check it out? Of course you do. Well, click here -> A Day in the Life 2.0

Backpacking the AT and Torreya

Over winter break I got a chance to finally be where the Wild Things Are (cue Alessia Cara).

I did a solo hike at Torreya State Park in Florida on Christmas and hiked a tiny portion of the massive Appalachian Trail.

Check out the entire post and some cool videos here!

Also please feel free to suggest any other must hike/backpack experiences for me. I’m always looking for new adventures!

And We’re Off!


I’ve been slacking with my posts. BUT I finally got around to adding one of my first trips out West as an adult. (I did got to Oregon when I was in high school, but that doesn’t count).

Went to Vegas over my birthday and enjoyed every second – especially everything beyond the bright lights.

Check out my full post here!


The Chronicle

Ever have that one moment in time where you’re like, wow – maybe I am a professional in my field? Okay, so that might seem a little silly but I’m sure we all have our moments, no matter how many years, presentations, papers, conferences, etc we have been a part of where we still feel like we are just beginning.

Okay enough of that introspective talk – Well, a coworker of mine tagged me in a news article on Facebook. All i saw was “Awww yiiiss @Anna Benbrook” on an article titled Through Care and Camaraderie, a University Tries to Keep Homeless Students on Track. I started to think how I’d be connected. Do I want to help students experiencing homelessness? Yes. Do I thing people directly connect me with that cause in their mind? No. Either way, I clicked the link.

Let me back up real fast and say that The Chronicle is [probably one of] the most respected news sources for Higher Education.

Okay so I opened the article and in the opening paragraph was my name and a quote.

It’s Day 5 of orientation for 400 freshmen at Florida State University, and Anna Benbrook, the college’s sexual-health educator, is demonstrating a dental dam. “It’s just like a little tablecloth,” she says, unfolding the blue latex rectangle and holding it to her mouth. “You put it down, and you eat.”

Yep. I said that. The young lady they interviewed, Martha Hadley, remembered me from an orientation where I spoke about sexual health. Now I’m not sure if it was for the good or the bad but, at that moment when I saw my quote – I realized I’m really a sexual health educator (and maybe comedian). I made it, blue dental dam and all.