Alcohol Norms
In the Summer of 2015 we created a campaign for Alcohol use on campus. FSU has been nationally ranked as a top party school for years so we wanted to do a social norms campaign highlighting the positive risk reduction behaviors our students are already doing. All of the data used is from the National College Health Assessment – a random survey done every Spring with undergraduate students. After developing three messages and testing them with some students, I created 8.5×11, 8.5×14, and 11×17 posters along with squares for social media and worked with an intern to develop messaging for Twitter. Posters were distributed throughout the resident halls (300 total, one on each floor), in each bathroom stall in our Health Building (50 total), in our Union (20 total), on social media, and handbills were given to FSUPD to distribute. I also created a slide to go in our Student Life Cinema before movies, and one to be displayed in the TVs in our two campus gyms. Click the thumbnails below for the three campaign designs.

Don't Drink and Drive Eating During or Before Drinking Abstaining

Health Spots
FSU has a mobile ‘hut’ that Peer Health Advocates staff. It goes to various parts of campus and discusses various topics which include, but are not limited to, stress, sexual health, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, nutrition, and sexual violence prevention. With the hut, they use an a-frame to further advertise the topic area. Below are some examples of signs created to market the Health Spot.

DrugSmall CondomsSmall

Tallahassee RollerGirls
As part of TRG, skaters/volunteers/refs/NSOs all put in time to keep our league running. So that means as a whole we are accountants, web designers, businesswomen, community lesions, etc. I’ve had the honor to be voted in as the Strength and Conditioning coach for the past 3 seasons therefor that has been my main role, however I have also helped to market our games. Below are the 4 dimensions created for marketing our next home game. The banner and square will be used for social media. The 11×17 and 8.5×11 will be printed and posted all around Tallahassee – about 50-100 various locations.


Atlanta Rollergirls
When I moved to Atlanta I not only started a new job, I also started playing roller derby with a new team, the Atlanta Rollergirls. Just like with Tallahassee, we are a league who is ran by the league; in other words every person who is a part of the league has some part in managing the business like a co-op. My job with Atlanta is being a graphic designer under the marketing & PR team. Atlanta is a lot larger of a city, with a larger budget and a bigger following so our marketing items go further and wider than with Tallahassee. I’m new in this role so my portfolio is currently limited but so far have designed a team flag, a ref patch for our upcoming tournament, and created a mid season poster (this design was not actually used due to a last minute issue).

FlagThumbnail TTPatchThumbnail MidSeasonThumbnail

Emory-CDC Aids Clinical Trial Group/Ponce CRS
Like LeBron, I had to take my talents out of my home state and ended up in Atlanta at Emory University. In my position with the Aids Clinical Trial Group (ACTG) a small portion is dedicated to developing outreach, recruitment, and retention communication materials. The clinical trials we recruit for come from protocols that are extremely verbose and medically worded aka we have to chew them up and spit them out at a level that someone who has never even had formal education might understand. This can be extremely difficult so having materials that can catch someone’s eye and be understandable is vital. See the thumbnails below for the fliers created for the various studies.

CureTab 32HeartTab ReserachMattersTab