One of the largest portions of being a Health Educator is presenting to a myriad of people and at professional conferences. I’ve presented to athletes, sorority and fraternity life, professional organizations, academic classes, honor societies, resident halls, and for events open to anyone – to say a few – to small groups of around 10 all the way up to an audience of 200 – I reach on average 2-3 thousand students a semester. Currently, I specialize in sexual health but have also given presentations on alcohol risk reduction, exercise and fitness, sexual violence prevention, nutrition, and health equity. Below is a list of some of the presentations:

Discussions specific to campus life

  • Sexy Time: Contraceptives, Safer Sex, and Abstinence
    Description – Sex – It’s in the media, your friends chat about it, and everyone is doing it – right? Not necessarily. Join us in a dialog to talk about the facts, from the number game at FSU to communication and how to protect you and your partner from crotch critters.
  • Unshackled: Women’s Sexual Health
    Do you know how to do a breast self-exam? What is involved with a pap? What about the double standard when it comes to having sex – do you think it exists and, if so, how can we slowly create equality and confidence in the fact that women are sexual beings too? Let’s talk about it!
  • Hook Up Culture: Fact or Fiction?
    “So I hooked up with Sam last night…” Is this ambiguous term really the wave of the future for the new generation? Or is it all an illusion? Join us as we get to the bottom of hookups, sexuality, gender variances, and what exactly is going on at Florida State.
  • Condom Bingo
    This interactive game is a fun twist on your modern bingo game. Condom Bingo brings sexual health and LGBT issues to life. Students will be asked content specific questions and have to find the answers on their bingo cards. 
  • Real Talk Real Sex
    This sex positive series has given me the opportunity to present on foreplay and anatomical and pleasure functions of the reproductive system.
  • Others
    I’ve worked with students and faculty alike to tailor presentations specific to their groups’ needs on request

Conference Presentations

  • Intersections of Identity and Sexual Health Behaviors: Becoming Advocates to Enhance Health Equity (2015, Jan). Presented at the Florida State University Multicultural Leadership Summit, Tallahassee, FL.
    Disparities in sexual health exist for many aspects of identity – from race/ethnicity to gender and sexual orientation – with many of these differences being rooted in social conditions. We will explore the sexual health inequalities, discuss the reason why they exist, and establish a way to create change.
  • Reproductive Justice: Nurturing Peer to Peer Relationships (2015, Dec). Presented at the 2015 Mentoring Institute, Tallahassee, FL.
    In order to have successful peer education programs, we must go beyond traditional teaching practices. By using the Social Cognitive Theory and creating mentoring relationships between peer educators we are able to build a lasting program which instills leadership, empowerment, and trust. In this session, we will explore this approach in depth using the lens of reproductive justice and VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood. This lens will allow us to explore the concept of reproductive justice, its history, and how women of color may experience reproductive justice and women’s health issues.
  • Clicks, Likes, & Shares: A Guide to Online Advocacy (2016, Jan). Presented at the 2016 Multicultural Leadership Summit, Tallahassee, FL.
    The purpose of this workshop is to expand on existing knowledge that participants may have about social networks and online advocacy. This training will allow attendees to peek behind the curtain of important issues, and understand how to complex subjects are unpacked, repacked, shared, and communicated in order to spread awareness.
  • Reaching LGBT on College Campuses (2016, Mar). Panel presenter at the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) 67th Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC.
    Through collaborative efforts with faculty, staff, students, and community members, Florida State University has taken proactive steps to create a trans-inclusive healthcare environment. FSU has created a standard of care policy for our healthcare providers, and a gender inclusive safer sex booklet – in addition to continuing LGBT+ education on campus. We hope that attendees will be able to use these resources and techniques as templates for improving their centers.
  • Real Talk Real Sex: The Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Sex Positive Workshop Series (2016, Mar). Presented at the Southern College Health Association Annual Meeting, Wilmington, NC.
    After noticing a need for more sex-positive programming, CATFISH (Campus Action Team for the Improvement of Sexual Health) developed a workshop series which addresses various sexuality topics. During this presentation, attendees will learn how to create a student-driven initiative and form all phases of workshop development including marketing and communication efforts.
  • Comprehensive Gender Inclusive Safer Sex: Collaborative Efforts (2016, Mar). Presented at the Southern College Health Association Annual Meeting, Wilmington, NC.
    See SOPHE submission above for abstract. Co-presenter with Beth Thompson.
  • Effective Health Promotion Strategies for Working with the Transgender Student Population (2016, Mar). Presented at the American College Health Association (ACHA) Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
    Transgender students face unique health issues and encounter barriers to accessing inclusive and affirming health education services. Health Promotion practitioners on college campuses are positioned to help create environments that are welcoming to transgender people in their communities.  In this session, participants will learn about approaches for creating transgender inclusive and affirming environments, transgender-specific sexual health considerations, and locating transgender health resources. Co-presenter with Michelle Cohen-Segall of Georgia Tech.
  • Creating a More Comprehensive Gender Inclusive Environment (2016, Mar). Presented at the American College Health Association Annual (ACHA) Meeting, San Francisco, CA.
    This Presentation is similar to the one presented at SCHA but has more of a medical lens. Co-presenter with Dr. Andra Prum.
  • Redefining college sexual health: Creating safe spaces for capacity building of sex-positive programming on college campuses (Aug 2016). Workshops presented at the North Carolina Sexual Health Conference, Cary, NC.
    Co-presented with Shemeka Thorpe.
  • The power of collaboration: The importance of providers in HIV/AIDS clinical trials (Dec 2016). Workshop presented at the Emerging Strategies for HIV and Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Symposium, Atlanta, GA.
    Co-presented with Micheal Barber
  • Past, present and future: A panel discussion on why research matters (Feb 2017). Workshop presented at the Atlanta Area Outreach Initiative Annual Health Care & HIV Prevention Initiative, Atlanta, GA.
    Co-presented with Micheal Barber
  • HIV & HCV: Affecting underserved communities (June 2017). Presented at the Satcher Health Leadership Institute Community Voices Division and Healthy Communities Initiative at Morehouse University, Atlanta, GA.
  • Women’s Outreach Workers (WOW) Project (June 2017). Presentation at the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.
    Co-presented with S. Cohn, L. Barr, B. Singh, and C. del Rio
  • From health education to community engagement (Oct 2017). Workshop presented at the Georgia Public Health MSM Symposium, Atlanta, GA.
    Co-presented with Micheal Barber