Social Media

Florida State University:
During my position as a sexual health educator, I’ve managed to get a Master’s in Communication with a focus on Integrated Marketing. During my time working on that degree, my role here has transitioned more into a hybrid media and sex ed coordinator. With that comes the management of our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat). Check out our Spring 2016 analytics overview here, and while you’re at it feel free to follow/like/add us!

Emory University School of Medicine:
In my role as a Health Educator, my main goal was to recruit people living with HIV to enroll in our various clinical trials. Though this clinical research site had been around for quite some time, their main means of recruitment outside of WOM was via passive flyers and in-person events (tabling, presenting, etc). In order to keep with the times, I designed a Social Media SOP and a Social Media Strategy Guide. By the time I left my position, they were still in draft form so the examples provided are exactly that.


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