Thrive is a monthly newsletter written for student, by students. It was launched in December 2014 when discussing other ways to get more content driven material to the students. We worked with the Health and Wellness Center to install plastic flyer holders in every restroom on every floor (around 40 total stalls in the building). From Dec 2014 until May 2015 I managed a team of students who wrote the copy and designed the flyers. We would create each newsletter around various health months (April is Get Yourself Tested Month) or large scale events (February we do a large body awareness campaign).

We have not been able to measure metrics of Thrive but the first, second, and third of our health center not only are the hub of University Health Services with appointments, but they also house auditorium style classrooms – and if the amount of condoms (we have free standing condom dispensers outside of every restroom) taken is any indicator of restroom use, Thrive has had many eyes on it. Another semi form of measurement was during our Feb 2015 campaign where we had “tear here” strips on the side. Students were encouraged to take what they needed whether it be strength, beauty, love, etc. The higher traffic restrooms had to be replaced at least twice a week due to all the strips being taken.

In May of 2015, our marketing and communication interns graduated, so I was the primary designer of the summer issues. Since summer is slower, we did two month worth of information per each Thrive. Below are the two examples of my design and copy work. Click on the images to access the PDFs.

May/June 2015
May/June 2015
July/August 2015
July/August 2015

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