Alaska: Day 3

On Sunday we took a trip up north to the Reindeer Farm (about 40 miles) and Matanuska Glacier (90 miles from Anchorage). At the Reindeer Farm we got a chance to feed reindeer – those little guys are aggressive! –  and Elk and also hang out in a chicken coop, pet rabbits & a wood bison. It was a really cool experience and the weather was perfect.

aIMG_5573Look at this guy! He was such a friendly elk

DCIM101GOPROOh just Feeding some reindeer

aIMG_5597Reindeer taking a little rest

After the Reindeer Farm we drove another hour away to Matanuska Glacier, the largest glacier in the US accessible by car. I’ve never seen a glacier before outside of binge watching NatGeo & Discovery Channel. The drive there was magnificent but once we turned a corner and got to see a view of the glacier, I turned into a little kid Disney World, so giddy and excited. I kept telling the Kyles “GUYS, THAT’S A GLACIER!” I’m sure they were sick of me by the 9484th time. We stopped at a state park to view it from afar then rode to private land, paid a fee, then drove to the glacier. Once we parked it was 15 minute walk down. I haven’t felt that excited in years. I nerd out about science-y things so hard – I really feel like I should have been a scientist. Then again, there’s always time!

You can find a video of our Glacier and Reindeer Farm adventures here.

aIMG_5625View of the Glacier from the road. That was when I was the giddiest

aIMG_5672The Matanuska Glacier

aIMG_5660So beautiful!


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