Alaska: Day 6

I promise I can count! You’ll notice that AK day 5 is missing. Well, this was my rest day. The Kyles both had to work and I slept in and checked out the mall and some other stores downtown, nothing big enough to really talk about… however we did eat at Moose’s Tooth pizza which was recently ranked the 3rd best pizza place in the USA. It was delicious but, with that being said, I bring you to Day 6!

Boy Kyle was off of work so it was me and her today. We were originally going to go on a glacier cruise but decided against it due to the cost. Since I had yet to see any wildlife (we don’t count the shrew I saw on the mountain or Scout, their dog), we drove 55 miles south to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC). There we were able to see moose, musk ox, elk, brown and black bears, wood bison, a bald eagle, lynx, and owl – I could be missing something and to those animals, I apologize. The AWCC was huge, well laid out, and well kept. I definitely recommend this for someone who wants to see as many Alaskan animals as they can without having to carry bear spray.  After the AWCC, we met up with Boy Kyle and ate at The Double Musky Inn, a delicious Cajun style steak house in Girdwood.

aIMG_5880Hello, Mr. Moose!

aIMG_5884A little too excited to finally see a Moose in person (you would be too)

aIMG_5896A BABY Musk Ox. Yes, BABY. So. Cute.

aIMG_5917Black Bear, nice and full from a recent feeding

aIMG_5950Elk looking all majestic and stuff


aIMG_5959The most picturesque Wood Bison and Baby Bison


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