Alaska: Day 8-10

Again – I did not just skip a day, day 7 was laaaazzzyyy. Netflix, MTV Jams (I have an obsession), a quick trip to Bass Pro to walk around, then back to the house. Worth. It. For some reason being absolutely lazy on vacation feels 100% better than being the same laziness at home. I’ll take it.

For my final weekend in The Last Frontier, we drove about 6 hours north to Fairbanks. It is still super hard for me to understand the scale of Alaska – whenever I looked at a map, Fairbanks looks 2 hours away max. Nope. 6 long and beautiful hours.  On the way there, we stopped twice. The first was at the north view point of Denali National Park. The magnificent view of all the mountains topped off with Mt. McKinley (the tallest mountain in the US at over 20k feet elevation) had me breathless. Then, a little over half way in Healy where I ate a delicious reindeer dog. I felt a little bad since I was just petting it’s distant cousins not too long ago. Oh well. After that refuel we pressed on to Fairbanks.

The GPS led us to our cabin we rented on Air BNB. Right as she told us to turn left and we reached our destination, I was yearning to see the cabin. The entrance was a windy and lined with trees. Once it opened up, we saw this tiny 2 story log cabin. I almost jumped out before we parked to start exploring, no lie. Once out we checked it out. A more modern take on a classic with a loft on the top floor and a living room and kitchen on the bottom. Outside was a shower and a surprisingly clean outhouse. We then unpacked and headed to the Silver Gulch, a local brewery for dinner.

The next day we took our time to rise and though the sleep wasn’t the best (crying baby plus a sun that seems to never set), we were ready to explore. We went downtown, which was quaint but you could miss it if you blink, ate some crepes, then headed to the Discovery River Boat. Before getting on the tour, we were given a chance to go into a -40F freezer to experience the subzero temperatures Fairbanks residents are get every winter. Let’s just say this Floridian wasn’t ready. Brr. After that, we went to the Discovery II. This was a 3 hour long narrated tour that included watching a seaplane land/takeoff, stopping at an Iditarod Kennel ran by the late Susan Butcher’s daughter, then a Chena Village where we learned about Native Alaskan culture. It was a nice, educational, and relaxing tour. Afterward we had some yummy Thai food. Who would have thought Fairbanks has high quality Thai food?! Then back to the cabin for more R&R.

On Sunday we reluctantly meandered out of our cabin and started the drive back to Anchorage. About 2 hours into the drive we did a little detour to pick blueberries in Denali. We came out with a gallon or so of these cute, tart, and delicious Alaskan treats all combined with blue fingers.

We got back home around 7pm, I took a much needed shower then we ordered some chicken wings (one of my favorite things in the world), watched Big Brother (they now got me hooked), and I packed.

Now I sit at the Anchorage airport waiting for my 1:44am to depart. I am attempting to upload a photo album for this post but the internet is a little lagging so stay posted for the pictures to accompany the story.

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