It all started with a Tweet. My friend aka Twin sent me a screen shot of a Tweet that was announcing great deals on flights to Denver from Charlotte and by great deals I mean $111/RT. After thinking about it and deciding to go, the deal was already scooped up. Saddened, I decided to look into other sites and we found tickets for just 20 bucks more. We bought the tickets in a hurry.

Fast forward to 3 weeks later and we are sitting on our (not so comfortable) Frontier Flight direct flight to Denver. Hours later, we touched down, grabbed a rental car and were off and running.

Day 1: We wanted to explore Denver some before heading to Boulder. First thing was first, breakfast. Had a delicious Buffalo Hash at Sassafrass where the waiter provided us with blankets (Floridians don’t fair well outdoors in Colorado temperatures). The next mission was kombucha and local beer so we headed to Happy Leaf, Great Divide, and Epic Brewery. All were highly recommended, especially the latest collaboration with the Crafty Ladies Beer Club called Kaffeina. From there we headed to Red Rocks and explored, meeting a new friend from South Carolina and befriending (ok, I use that word very loosely) comedienne Amy Schumer – she actually asked to use my GoPro as a microphone to make a quick Instagram video (we are in the green not knowing how to be good background actresses). After that unexpected exploration, we headed to Boulder via a scenic route, the Mount Evans ByWay, where I froze my hands to recreate LeBron James because I’m from the south and snow will never not be unusual and magical. Finally we got to Boulder and were greeted by our AirBnB hosts, Bunny and Ted, with wine and stories at the eclectic circular house.

Day 2: Woke up early to a delicious home cooked breakfast from Bunny & Ted then headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park but first we had a quick stop in Estes Park at the hotel where The Shining was filmed. After making a new friend from Minnesota and trekking 2 different trails, one focused on breathtaking partially frozen over lakes (Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, and Emerald Lake) and the other for waterfalls, we headed back to Boulder. Oh but couldn’t drive back on an empty stomach so met our new friend for dinner at Oskar Blues.

Day 3: Last day in CO. Crying. Woke up our final Bunny & Ted breakfast and started our journey back to Denver. Of course we don’t just leave with ease so did a couple stops, one at the unique Dushanbe Teahouse (the actual structure was originally in Tajikistan then brought to Boulder and rebuilt) then a quick hike at Flatirons (as per B&T’s recommendation). From there we headed back to Denver to link up with some of my Atlanta friends TK and Milt who happened to be in the area for work. All four of us did one last hike at Mount Falcon Park (a suggestion from our friend we met at Red Rocks) then headed to Denver to eat and watch the Broncos game before hopping on our Red Eye back to the east coast.

It was a quick 3 days but we made the most of it. Covered miles via foot and car, met cool people, and adventured on. We will be back, Colorado.



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