One Condom Design Contest

Y’all. I’ve made it. If you didn’t know by now, my two passions/interests/whatever you want to refer to them as are Sexual Health and Communications. When i saw that One Condom¬†was doing their annual design contest, I decided to finally enter. The winner gets a cash prize, a years supply of their condom, and 5k condoms to a non-profit of their choice.

You can submit up to 3 designs so I frantically decided what would be something I would be proud of but also would appeal to the masses (and judges – mainly the judges). I decided on a Netflix reference, something dedicated to consent, and naturally eggplants (hint hint that’s what the kids these days use to represent a penis).

Well, One decided that they loved the consent and eggplants and I got an e-mail yesterday announcing my championship – ok I got 2 of the 8 runner up slots but whatever.

AGAIN I WON. DID YOU READ THAT. Ekk! I’m beyond excited. I will have my designs and name be on literal thousands of condoms around the world. So right before someone is either satisfied or disappointed (put protected against STIs/pregnancy/etc), they will see something I’ve made. It’s a little weird but I would not have it any other way.


Like most people, I spend so much time in one location – my office. With that I’m a huge social media person, especially Snapchat. Not only do I use my personal account, but our Healthy Noles has a snap too. With my obsession, I decided to finally create a filter for our building since one did not exist. Of course I wanted to market our department but we are part of a bigger entity. Our building as a whole is 5 stories and houses academic classes, healthcare providers, a gym, and more.

So I made a quick filter in hopes of it getting accepted, and it did! How cool is that? Now I’m always promoting my building when I post pictures of my morning 9am (and 2pm, let’s be real) coffee to my story.