Early birthday gift to myself? Ok, sure. Cheap plane tickets to Colorado? Ok, sure. Voucher that needs to be used from AirBnB? Ok, sure.

It started there and ended with miles on our shoes and rented SUV. If you ever considered traveling to Colorado, please do so! Read about my super condensed trip here and find out what you can do with 3 days yourself.


Like most people, I spend so much time in one location – my office. With that I’m a huge social media person, especially Snapchat. Not only do I use my personal account, but our Healthy Noles has a snap too. With my obsession, I decided to finally create a filter for our building since one did not exist. Of course I wanted to market our department but we are part of a bigger entity. Our building as a whole is 5 stories and houses academic classes, healthcare providers, a gym, and more.

So I made a quick filter in hopes of it getting accepted, and it did! How cool is that? Now I’m always promoting my building when I post pictures of my morning 9am (and 2pm, let’s be real) coffee to my story.