Early birthday gift to myself? Ok, sure. Cheap plane tickets to Colorado? Ok, sure. Voucher that needs to be used from AirBnB? Ok, sure.

It started there and ended with miles on our shoes and rented SUV. If you ever considered traveling to Colorado, please do so! Read about my super condensed trip here and find out what you can do with 3 days yourself.

Backpacking the AT and Torreya

Over winter break I got a chance to finally be where the Wild Things Are (cue Alessia Cara).

I did a solo hike at Torreya State Park in Florida on Christmas and hiked a tiny portion of the massive Appalachian Trail.

Check out the entire post and some cool videos here!

Also please feel free to suggest any other must hike/backpack experiences for me. I’m always looking for new adventures!

And We’re Off!


I’ve been slacking with my posts. BUT I finally got around to adding one of my first trips out West as an adult. (I did got to Oregon when I was in high school, but that doesn’t count).

Went to Vegas over my birthday and enjoyed every second – especially everything beyond the bright lights.

Check out my full post here!



Hi All!

Whenever I publish posts to my home page, or just ever have any thoughts that don’t need to go on the home page, I’m going to do blog posts either directing you to the home page or my thoughts (both are highly important tbh).

On that note, I’ve just published 6 new posts about my travels in Alaska. I’d link you to them here but feel like since there are so many, it’s just easier to go to OR you can click on the post card below and be taken to day 1.

Hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoyed making them. Ciao.