Our first class group assignment was create a culture jamming piece. As defined by Kalle Lasn (a founder of Adbusters), the best culture jam is one that introduces a meta-meme, a two-level message that punctures a specific commercial image, but does so in a way that challenges some larger aspect of the political culture of corporate domination. We decided to target the sexual health world, specifically how ‘male enhancement’ commercials are misogynistic and only use the dominate white culture narrative.

FRONTquotesWe wanted to critique Viagra and it’s advertising – specifically looking at gender, sexuality, and race. Our ‘product’ is Vagra – a female lubricant, which compared to Viagra, has no side effects, is for a woman, no wait time, etc.

In the first video we used the recent Kelly King Viagra ad: We flipped the idea of a woman waiting for her man with a man waiting for his woman.

In the second video, our inspiration was an older Viagra ad: this was more of an inspiration instead of a closer mimic like the first one. This one looks at sexuality and shows a woman being the initiator – which isn’t seen as often in the media unless she’s being labeled something negative.

In regard to race, all of the Viagra commercials we watched had white men and women. For our videos we show a black man and an interracial couple, something not seen in traditional Viagra commercials.BACKquotes

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